Get outta jail somewhat free?



Somebody got one over on the Sheriff’s Department in March, probably using counterfeit money to post bail at the county jail.

Sheriff’s Department officials say that over the last month, they’ve discovered they took in at least two fake $50 bills at the jail facility. The bogus bills weren’t identified at the time they were accepted, according to Chief Deputy Rob Reid.

Reid said it’s likely the bills were taken in as part of posted bail.

He added that the bills looked and felt real, but he didn’t have any additional information about how they were made. Department staff caught one of the bills; the other was found during a deposit at a local bank.

The bills were handed over to the U.S. Secret Service, which has jurisdiction in counterfeit cases.

Reid said the two bills hardly qualify as a “rash,” and the discovery doesn’t indicate the presence of a local counterfeit ring. He said the department isn’t investigating the matter further—and it’s writing the $100 off as a loss.

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