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Get PAC and corporate money out of elections


I strongly endorse Bill Ostrander for the Assembly. He stands against the corruption that comes with big corporate money in our elections.

Corporations and PACs (Political Action Committees), that have no morality and no ability to vote, have the same right to donate to campaigns as people—even if they are headquartered outside our district or our state. In the most recent fundraising reports put out by the secretary of state, Jordan Cunningham has received 88 percent of his campaign financing from corporations, whose only goal is to make money, and PACs—mostly from out of the district. These contributors include Koch Industries, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66, Monsanto, Phillip Morris, and other corporations whose profit models are often in stark contrast with our community interests.

On the other hand, Ostrander's campaign is funded by individuals. With the exception of a few friends, they all reside in our district. In fact, in the last reporting period he had more than double the number of individual contributors his opponent had.

I don't want votes about my health care, our environment, our schools, or rules for businesses decided by corporations or dubious PACs, especially those outside of our district.

Dianne Jackson


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