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Get the facts straight on who wants a Paso water district



Pearl Munak needs to review recent history. In her Aug. 27 letter to the editor “Support an independent water district,” she tries to convince us that it is the “big wineries” that oppose a water district. In fact, it was the wine industry that lobbied for special district legislation in Sacramento. It was the wine industry that generally spoke in favor of the district at the LAFCO hearing on Aug. 20. The PAC that supports the formation of a district is PRAAGS—Paso Robles Ag Alliance for Groundwater Solutions. In fact, PRAAGS has raised more than $370,000 from vineyard concerns in the Paso basin exclusively for the purpose of promoting the formation of a district. Does anyone really think that the wine industry would push so hard for a district if the big pumper vineyard owners thought they would be a permanent voting minority? They would be part of a permanent majority of six landowner seats, vs. three non-landowning residents.


-- Susan Harvey - Paso Robles

-- Susan Harvey - Paso Robles

-- Susan Harvey - President, North County Watch

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