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Get this straight; let's have a clean fight

Arroyo Grande



I apologize to Mr. Page for failing to remove words from a letter published last week that were inappropriate, and I welcome more contributions from him. — Ed Connolly, editor. 

Steve T. Kobara has disparaged me in his letter (“Sex should be private,” June 26). Kobara accuses me of being “shrillest anti-gay” and names me as being a “Torturer.” I deny Kobara’s ad hominem attack. In the context of replying to Kobara, I am critical of the homosexual agenda. It is my choice and right to be critical. People should not confuse personal, anti-gay bashing with the legitimate right to criticize the homosexual agenda!

I suggest just four examples of such criticism: I believe it is wrong to allow the teaching of homosexuality in schools without a discussion of both the moral and physical consequences of that lifestyle. I believe that marriage should be only between a man and a woman. It is my belief that individual homosexuals may honestly struggle with their sexual preference, that there are many in society and in the church that stand with open arms to help them! I believe it is wrong to construe criticism of the homosexual agenda as “hate speech.” I suggest these beliefs are neither hateful nor torturous. These beliefs are not founded in “hate” but in the quest for objective truth and the right to express these beliefs.

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