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Get your ‘Constantine’ facts straight


Glen, got a nit to pick with ya.

While Alan Moore (who, with Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman, totally revitalized the comic book/graphic novel in the 1980s) created the character of John Constantine, he did so in his reinvention of Swamp Thing comics, and he had nothing to do with the Hellblazer series. That series was begun by Jamie Delano (poorly, IMHO) but didn’t really hit its stride until taken over by Garth Ennis (famous/infamous for Preacher), and later a few other writers.

I’ve seen several other reviews of the movie “Constantine� where the reviewer
also got Moore’s involvement in Hellblazer wrong.

If you’re interested in Moore at his best, find an old copy of V for Vendetta, or Watchmen (a movie version of Watchmen is due in 2006.)


Jeff Simmons


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