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Give our money back!

Paso Robles


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Dear Lisa Solomon, former chief of the Paso Robles Police Department,

Have you ever heard, “Sticks and stones may break my bones ... ?”

Because, seriously lady, you really feel the need for Paso Robles to pay you $250,000 for resigning? City Manager Jim App allocated $230,500 of this money for “damage to her reputation ‘through no fault of either party.’” (What were you thinking, Mr. App?)

I’m not all that quick, but if it’s not Paso Robles’ fault that your reputation is damaged, then why are we handing you more than a quarter million dollars?!? This is a good use of city money?

Ms. Solomon, you were quoted by the Tribune that your reputation “will stand on its own.” The only thing I’m going to remember about you is how you fleeced us. If you truly want Paso Robles to remember you in a positive light, return our hard-earned money!


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