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Regarding the opinion piece, “Be an informed voter” (Julie Rodewald, Sept. 4, 2008), I hope our community will become informed about the Green Party Presidential nominee, Cynthia McKinney.

McKinney is a former six-term (Democratic) United States Congresswoman, from Georgia, who is now registered with the Green Party. She has a clear 12-year federal voting record. McKinney is against the death penalty, supports gay marriage (not just civil unions), voted not to extend the Patriot Act, voted to prohibit oil drilling in ANWR, is against the building of new nuclear power plants, supports raising the CAFE (fuel economy) standards, supports single-payer universal health care, and does not support warrantless wiretapping.

Check out McKinney’s many speeches on YouTube, as well as her website, runcynthiarun.org. If you consider yourself a progressive, you’ll probably want to support her and want a yard sign, so go to our local website, slo.greens.org and send us an e-mail.

Personally, I will proudly cast my vote for Cynthia McKinney. To quote her running mate, Rosa Clemente, in referring to the Green Party, “We are not the alternative; we are the imperative.”

-- Peggy Koteen - Green Party Central Committee

-- Peggy Koteen - Green Party Central Committee

-- Peggy Koteen - Green Party Central Committee

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