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Goodbye, San Luis Obispo


I loved SLO for 25-plus years. I live in Los Osos and loved going to many restaurants for lunch and dinner. Shopping on Higuera Street. Oh, and the farmers markets on Thursday and the Friday night concerts. Grabbing an ice cream or a cocktail.

Thanks for taking away our parking. No more Court Street parking. No more parking across the street from Big Sky.

I'm not a youngster anymore—my knee hurts, my ankles hurt. Few if any dedicated handicap parking places. No more free 90-minute parking in the garages or free after 6 p.m. or free Sundays. No more 25 cents-an-hour parking. SLO's building new apartments downtown with no parking places. Instead, wanting to give up parking places for residents for bicycles, who don't pay taxes for road maintenance, who don't follow the laws. When was last time you saw a bicycle come to a complete stop at a stop sign on Chorro Street?

The San Luis Ranch Project between Madonna Road and U.S. Highway 101 is set to boost 580 new residential units, without the Prado overpass. It's a nightmare driving Madonna Road to LOVR now.

Same as when they built the Home Depot-Costco center without upgrading the roadways first, then having a couple of years of construction that slowed traffic down even more!

Why isn't there a bus that goes from Los Osos directly to Costco, Home Depot, or Madonna Plaza without having to go downtown first, then wait for the next bus—both ways.

Goodbye, San Luis Obispo. I can sit down at Montaña De Oro or at home on my phone and order anything I need without the aggravation of going to San Luis Obispo. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. More and more residents are avoiding downtown.

I'm not saying goodbye San Luis Obispo forever, but ... .

Larry Sullivan

Los Osos

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