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Government is headed for history's junk heap


There are parallels between the struggles for justice and pay equity by SLO County workers and the hundreds of thousands of federal workers currently being laid off or forced to work for no immediate pay because of would-be dictator Donald Trump's racist/white nationalist fanaticism about wanting a "wall" across the entire southern border with Mexico. In both cases, working people have become the pawns who are used and sacrificed on the altar of reactionary failures by both major parties to advocate for sensible use of public funds, for fair distribution of those funds to bolster local governmental expenses, and to fight for and push for the truth about what historically has led to the crisis of migrant desperation.

Trump's wall represents the white ruler hatred and fear of all non-white and poor peoples. SLO County's stingy and arrogant disregard for those who make the county work springs from the same kind of dark place in a different context.

I urge all to support the demands, moderate as they are, of SLO County workers. I also urge all to demand the end of this totally destructive governmental shutdown by the fat, psychopathic, lying huckster and blowhard jokingly called "the President of the United States" by some. The sooner he and his reactionary criminal cabal are thrown into the putrid junk heap of history the better.

As for California government at all levels, get your priorities in order and your butts in gear. "Progressive" is as progressive does. Stop short-changing working people or you'll be on that junk heap too.

Jim Griffin

San Luis Obispo

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