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Governments waste time arguing about the homeless issue



OK, so the big crisis in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo and probably the rest of Coastal California is along riverbeds where homeless people can live and not be bothered too much for nine months of the year—warmer months. A couple of years ago, New Times printed three separate stories about the “great” Dan Duval and his quest to help at least some of the homeless in SLO. 

But, you wrote the stories out of order. I cut the articles out and put them in the right order, but you guys—even including the Shredder—just didn’t even get it. 

So, what good will writing another story or article or whatever you want to call it be? All that ever happens is that time is wasted by City Council back-and-forth arguing. So just leave the homeless alone, because they don’t need a bunch of penguins that don’t care about anybody but themselves wasting taxpayers money. 

In Atascadero there are two empty supermarkets: the old Albertsons/Haggen building and the old Spencer’s Market. And they could turn the empty Wendy’s in the Albertsons parking lot into a soup kitchen. Put some basketball courts in the back parking/unloading zone, and there you have it.

I just wrote all this stuff down and didn’t argue with anyone at all. So let’s get it happening! It’s all about brotherly love.

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