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Great journalists hide their bias



Editor’s note: This letter is unedited. Staff Writer Chris McGuinness is a male. 

While reading Chris McGuinness’ 3000+ word, news article, “Activism, action, and solidarity in the SLO women’s march and beyond” (March 2nd issue), I was annoyed by her description of Donald Trump. Chris wrote, “…the day after the presidential inauguration of reality television personality (my emphasis) Donald Trump.” Really,… is that the best description she could muster? That statement is fundamentally inaccurate by omission, diminishing and a cheap shot at our president.

I have three suggestions for Chris:

First, in the future, when citing President Trump, use a more appropriate description such as, “…of world renowned builder, real estate developer, best-selling author and television producer Donald Trump.” Something like that would be more accurate and help disguise any bias she might have against him.

Second, if Chris is not willing to do that, instead, when closing her article with, “Staff Writer Chris McGuinness can be reached….” include something like, “Staff Writer and avowed Hillary supporter (or Bernie supporter) Chris McGuinness can be reached…” In this way she would offer your readers a proper understanding of her political leaning and associated bias. That would be a refreshing and appreciated acknowledgement.

And, finally, if Chris is writing a “news” article, she should work diligently to keep her opinions at a distance and under control. Great journalists keep their readers guessing about their political persuasion. Chris McGuiness, unfortunately, hasn’t yet learned how to do that.

-- Gary Wechter - Arroyo Grande

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