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Burgers on the brain: Plant Ivy Catering will be bringing the Impossible Burger to The Fig at Courtney's House in Templeton on Sept. 8! What's the Impossible Burger, you ask? Well, it's an impossibly delicious "burger" sans all the meat. Choose yours "Ortega style," "fig chutney" style, or just plan "cheeseburger" style with tater tots or sweet tater tots or a green salad, for $15 with $1 per meat donated to Alternative Neurological Solutions in Santa Maria (for more information, go to ... September is National Family Meals Month! Back-to-school activities and fall sports schedules make "the family meal" ever more elusive, don't they? Well, it doesn't have to be! Make an effort to sit down around the table this month and reconnect with your fam (fresh produce from all our local farmers' markets makes it easier to get excited about doing this; choose yours at Δ

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