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Greens: Vote for Peg Pinard!


The Shredder (Sept. 30-Oct. 7) sure had fun with the local political tomfoolery. But, seriously folks, in the 15th District State Senate District, there is one less candidate than the Shredder cited.

Brook Madsen, the candidate listed on the ballot as the Green Party candidate, has withdrawn from the race. One of the shenanigans surrounding this situation is that during the primary a Republican top dog underhandedly convinced Madsen to run. When the Green party discovered this, they helped persuade Madsen to withdraw from the November race. Unfortunately, due to election law, his name is still on the ballot.

The local Green Party encourages fellow Greens not to vote for him, but to support Peg Pinard for the 15th District State Senate Seat. 

Peggy Koteen

SLO Green Party County Council

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