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Greywacke 2012 Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand


For those of you who don’t care for the potent acidity usually found in this Kiwi staple (Kiwi, a flightless New Zealand bird, is the nickname for those who hail from this country), you just might find that this white fits the bill. Grown in the Marlborough appellation of New Zealand, it’s bold with grapefruit flavors, grass, and herbs, yet has this ripe, sweet melony finish that makes it quite the sipper on its own. Of course it’s still very versatile at the table and a natural for salads with goat cheese, spicy ethnic foods as long as they’re not fired up, or stuffed bell peppers. A good buy at Costco (where you can buy alcohol even if you’re not a member), it’s only $14.99 retail.


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