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New food: There are a lot of new restaurants opening in this county. It's hard to keep up! Here are a couple more for you to salivate over. Efren's of Oceano fame finally brought their famously delicious traditional Mexican food to a spot in San Luis Obispo. I'll take some homemade sopes with carne asada and green sauce or a gigantic Torta Efren's with asada, carnitas, pastor, and a pile of beans, onions, cilantro, red sauce, and guacamole. And I'll take it with a michelada, thank you very much (1285 Laurel Lane; visit to salivate over your options) ... The Colony Market and Deli opened to a warm welcome in Atascadero, selling sandos, beer, wine, and good times to residents who've been watching the old gas station on the corner of El Camino and Traffic Way transform over the past few months. Colony Market is hawking drool-worthy deli fare with a gourmet twist, like The Kluck, which is buttermilk fried chicken with jalepeño coleslaw on a brioche bun, or the P-P-Porchetta, which is slow-roasted pork shoulder, stuffed with rosemary, fennel seed, thyme, and garlic with walnut gremolata, lemon caper sauce, and pickled fennel on ciabatta. You can add a side of duck fat fries to that order and be feeling pretty stuffed and sassy by the end of the meal (6040 El Camino Real; the deli's open Sunday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Δ

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