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Haiku rising


Got something to say? Feeling creative? A growing number of local folks are (as is someone from Illinois).

Send your haiku to local writer and psychologist at Steve Brody at by April 9, and witness your radiance in the next Artifacts haiku edition (every third Thursday of the month).


A wilting flower—

A blushing ballerina

Taking her last bow

—Katherine Ottrando, SLO


A dying leaf floats

From a tree for a  moment

It thinks it’s a bird

—Stuart Fischoff, Carbondale, Ill.


Gentle mist rises

Silent night lake

Drifting into dawn

Mary Anne Anderson, Cambria


Want to be a star?

Perhaps you really seek love.

Search deep, then let go

—Janet Jones, Paso Robles


Poison lips desire

Do not temp my love power

You will only devour

—April McGill, Arroyo Grande


Two men, young, not young,

Camping in a Dunite’s cove,

Share fungal wisdom.

—John E. Reid, Atascadero


I have fun working

Them without
    attachment and

Easily let go!

—Deborah Heartwood, Pismo Beach


He lay dreaming of

Her neck, soft lips,    smooth thighs and

Her proclivities.

—Steve Brody, Cambria

Jill gasped, then       fainted;

Her sister’s ring was     bigger:

Sib ring rivalry.

—Steve Brody, Cambria


Away from the nest,

Luke celebrated

His folks got drunk too.

—Steve Brody, Cambria

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