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Hampian is no hero

San Luis Obispo



The SLO City Council surreptitiously approved the naming of the Roller Hockey and Multi Use Courts (skate park) at Santa Rosa Park in honor of former City Manager Ken Hampian. Hampian’s performance as city manager was questionable at best and I see this recognition as a good-old-boy reward from his pro-growth cronies on the council.  

Was it a coincidence his retirement coincided with the city suffering its worst financial crisis due primarily to his policies? (There was $12 million shortfall last year and we’re still bleeding.) His mishandling of the police negotiations ended in arbitration, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. He directed millions more to be spent on infrastructure on and around LOVR with the misguided vision of lavish tax revenues. The deteriorating northern extension of Calle Joaquin in anticipation of more auto dealerships demonstrates Hampian’s irresponsibility with taxpayer’s money. His narrow view of what made San Luis Obispo unique was quite evident.

 It is appropriate that his name be forever associated with the expensive, taxpayer-funded, skate park along with its $170,000 no-bid design contract. Its approval after cutbacks to vital city services shows Hampian’s and the council’s contempt for supporters of Measure Y.

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