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Harmon is a leader for all



Heidi Harmon is a role model for leadership, and the city of San Luis Obispo is so very fortunate to have her as its mayor. She came to this post after great reflection and a deep desire to help the city continue to be a safe, sustainable, and welcoming community. Heidi is a leader—not a politician seeking the limelight.

I have known Heidi for more than 15 years, and worked with her on two campaigns for public office. She puts the concerns of others far before her own and is a leader who serves. She seeks out public opinion and listens intently to the ideas of the people she represents. Heidi demonstrates her sincere interest in people by going out of her way to find out what they think—from attending various cultural events in town to going down to creekside homeless camps to learn about the people who have found themselves in dire straits.

Harmon makes no apologies for her personal values, which have remained the same over time. A great concern is to promote sustainable living so that our planet remains a healthy place for future generations. All leaders have personal opinions, and one hopes values, yet Harmon is committed to represent the best interests of all the citizens she represents—not just the ones who agree with her.

Any city would be fortunate to have a leader who puts its residents and visitors first. A leader who actually listens to what people have to say and works to act upon their concerns. A leader who mindfully considers the long-term consequences of their actions over whether or not they are popular. Heidi Harmon is that leader for all the people.

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