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Hatred from the left


I must admit I had to read the opinions from each of these writers at least twice, but still couldn't discern what they were trying to say in so many words.

Kathy Riedmann ("With all due respect," Oct. 19) affirmed that she condones and supports Antifa's fascist tactics to block the free speech of others that they do not agree with. Robert Cuddy ("Inglorious past," Oct. 19) is baffling, but wants to rewrite our country's history, which he doesn't like. He doesn't like our country, and also wants to ban free speech that does not agree with his point of view. Both of these writers are very disturbing in their hate speech. They embrace others who want to block free speech. Even when they use violence. Very disturbing! It is a look into the minds of disturbing people who are basically haters.

Either one is a good example of what is wrong with liberal ideology, which has failed time and time again, so they must block speech that points this out, and must distract their readers with misinformation. We all can see clearly that you hate our current president, you apparently hate our country, and you apparently hate anyone who has a different point of view than yourselves. Each of you could have stated this in a couple short sentences. Hoping our country has problems or our current president fails show you really don't care about people, just your worn out ideology. Keep up the good work of shining a light on this hatred from the left.

Wayne Lockwood

Paso Robles

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