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Hats off to Paso activists

San Luis Obispo



I commend John Borst and the Concerned Citizens of Paso Robles for their continuing effort to have their voices heard by their city council. The Tribune, without any factual local information, bandied about scare tactics of “drought prone California and water rationing.” While Paso Robles could use another water source, as the continued over-development and proliferation of vineyards has put a strain on the groundwater supply, why should current residents be burdened with the cost? San Luis Obispo implemented water conservation procedures after the last drought and uses half the water per person as does Paso Robles and the state average. It wouldn’t hurt for a little water belt tightening around the state.
    I wish the citizens of San Luis Obispo had as much moxie to stick up for their rights as Concerned Citizens of Paso Robles. Keep up the good fight, John.

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