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Health system must be reformed




Our health care system is broken: Lack of affordable guaranteed health coverage is why so many people live in fear of losing their jobs or are unable to change careers. My husband and I chose to close down our company and begin our second careers. However, before we could do so, we had to obtain individual health insurance coverage. Although we are healthy people in our 50s, we were both denied individual coverage by the same insurer who provided group insurance for our firm for many years. The denials were based on minor pre-existing conditions, which do not require medical intervention. 


We appealed the rejections, had numerous tests paid for out of our pockets, and fought the insurer for more than two years. With our doctor’s help, we were both finally approved for expensive high-deductible plans. No one should have to fight this hard to obtain health insurance. We were lucky to make it through the fight so we could purchase expensive health plans. Many people are not this lucky.


We need guaranteed coverage and a public health insurance option. We need health care reform now. 

-- Sue Luft - El Pomar

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