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Hear hear for soup

Los Osos



Regarding “Soup sippers party hearty” (Sept. 13): Upon arrival at Camp Ocean Pines, we were greeted by “FESS,” a full-size model of an adult elephant seal. The model was in the Cambria parade and made such a splash that we hope to see it again.

Nick Powell did a great job of reporting on the Soupabration fundraiser and great all the soups tasted. First, I have to beg a difference in the soups. I feel that the oyster stew from Cavalier in San Simeon was the best, with big oysters and the tasty broth.

I am not big on alcohol, so I stayed with the cookies from Red Moose Cookies in Cambria. Powell was correct, in that they were so fresh and better than Mom’s homemade.

The location, Camp Ocean Pines, was a bit hard to find, but well worth the trek. When we got there, we were taken by the view and serenity of the camp. The ocean views are utterly fantastic. All the guests seemed to enjoy themselves with the views, the authors, artists, food, and wine.

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