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Hearing what you want to hear?


To all of the Americans who are still adamantly supporting, defending, and enabling the president—have you had enough yet? Has the swamp been drained enough yet?

Four years ago the president appointed the wealthiest cabinet in U.S. history and plugged in family members. His tax plan two years ago disproportionately benefited the wealthy (not the middle class). Even before COVID-19, his administration had run up the budget deficit to astronomical numbers, which traditional Republicans have despised for decades. He worked hard to dismantle Obama Care with the intent of leaving millions without affordable health insurance but never provided a replacement. In April of this year he claimed to have the ultimate authority over states.

He's threatened to fire prominent scientists, high-ranking politicians, and military leaders who have contradicted him with facts and evidence. Rick Bright, a Health and Human Services official, alleges that he was demoted after refusing to promote hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment.

Trump has systematically weakened long-standing relationships with critical international allies and sided with brutal dictators from Communist nations. Yet to date, 82 percent of Republicans continue to support him. Why is that? One friend of mine had several revealing answers:

"I only support a president that's good for my bottom line, besides the alternatives are much worse."

Are they? Really? Is it possible that you're only hearing what you want to hear and disregarding the rest? You've got four months to think about it. I lean toward supporting and electing mature, intelligent leaders who actually believe in democracy, have respect for the Constitution, and are not an international embarrassment. What about you?

Brent Jorgensen

Pismo Beach

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