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Heaven Can Wait is heaven for horses

San Luis Obispo



Robert A. McDonald’s “Grandson of a King” (June 30), was both an entertaining piece about a horse with a famous lineage and an insightful attack on the cruelty of the horseracing industry.

Unfortunately, it lacked any contact information for the equine rescue sanctuary where “Red” lives. My wife and I had already heard about Heaven Can Wait and were prompted by the article to pay the ranch a first visit. As a couple who have had a heartbreaking experience as volunteers at another rescue facility, where aged rescue horses are worked hard in giving lessons, sometimes six or seven days a week, for many hours at a time, in at least one case to virtual collapse—we can say that Heaven Can Wait is horse heaven on earth.

For the first time, we got to see what truly happy rescue horses look like, grins on their long faces and not a rib showing, with glowing coats you could eat off. Nary a fly in sight. Their only work is to help cancer patients, children, and those with special needs become as healthy
as possible.

HCW is sorely in need of donations and volunteers. Contact Susan Schwartz and the staff at heavencanwait.us.

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