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Hell awaits



There is currently the idea in our culture that it is all right not to practice or to believe in human birth control. That is insane.

Until the last 200 years, our species had a population less than a billion, and most of human cultures or belief systems could seek to multiply human numbers. But now, with massive recent human population growth (400 percent in 100 years) we have 7.5 billion people today. If you don’t recognize the current crisis, project that growth 1,000 years into the future, Earth would have a population of millions of billions. We know that is impossible. So what will stop it? Either birth control or some form of hell on Earth—starvation, disease, war, murder, extermination.

Lack of birth control will result in hell on Earth.

Moral responsibility to the future requires us to be advocates of birth control. (This is not a statement about abortion.) People who oppose birth control are bringing us hell, they are not following God’s teaching, or being politically correct.

Those people who say religious freedom allows opposition to birth control are not addressing our collective future. They are not fighting for the rights of the poor. They are just insane. They may be disciples of the devil. They certainly are not “cerebral.” They are clearly immoral when you acknowledge a future. People who worship the past, who think moral responsibility can be applied to the present and not the future, or think that their belief system makes birth control irrelevant or just unimportant, are part of an insane culture. The insane belief that we can do without birth control is currently prevalent in many of our religions, our politics, and our cultures.

That insanity is in our current media. Anti-birth control members of the “religious right” are clearly insane; the pope can’t quite find sanity, and I’m not too sure about Amy Goodman. Neither God nor socialism will save us.

Hell awaits.

-- Emily Gold - Paso Robles

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