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Helpful hints for President Obama




I voted for President Obama but am very disappointed by the priority of his efforts.  Here are my views:

1.  We need jobs, not handouts.

2.  We cannot rescue every county that has a natural disaster, because we are broke.

3.  We still have not brought our kids home from a war started over 40 billion barrels of oil in Kurdistan.

4.  Our society continues on a road to diminished education by a guy claiming to have a passion for education.

5.  The issue of immigration must be addressed prior to handing out free medical to everybody under the sun and should not include amnesty. We cannot afford it.

6.  The money that is being poured into the prison system (including the DOJ resources) should be used to support  

infrastructure, not new TVs for dirt bags.  The only rehabilitation they should be getting is making big rocks into little rocks while eating MRE military surplus meals. If it’s good enough for those kids who are dying for our country, it’s good enough for those losers.

7.  DOJ should be used the same way good ol’ Roosevelt did: to chin-check the greedy CEO’s who continued to layoff tens of thousands of Americans, take away blue-collar pensions and family medical plans, and bleed the country dry only to outsource jobs because of the “unions”.  Examine just one high ranking CEO’s wages and benefits compared to thousands of workers.


8.   Appropriately restrict greedy pharmaceutical and auto manufacturers, utility companies, oil companies, insurance companies, and any other juggernaughts out there that control Congress. Give us back our doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, teachers, and other valuable contributors to society. Oh yeah, and provide excellent care for those kids coming home from Iraq.

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