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Helping animals helps the county


In response to J.P. Mills of Paso Robles ("Animals before people?" Letters, April 21-28), have you no respect for humane practices? Violence and mayhem is not the answer. TNR (trap, neuter, release) has been proven to be very effective in animal population control all over the country.

You should be proud of this county and the accomplishments the animal people have made here. Because of our hard work, SLO County ranks among the tops in the nation for our low euthanasia rates. We are saving you, as a taxpayer, over $100 for each animal that does not enter the county system. Our hard work is not wasted effort, as our statistics show. You should be thanking us for making a difference in our community. If you are so concerned about these homeless men, why aren't you helping them?

HART took in a homeless man over a year ago, who lives in our trailer on our property. We house him, feed him, take him to the doctor, and make sure he gets his meds, just like we do our rescued four-legged animals. Even though we haven't neutered him yet, per his request, in exchange for our humane treatment towards him, he cares for our rescued cats and dogs and all life. He helps us to make our community a better place to live. What are you doing?


Diana Duncan

Homeless Animal Rescue Team


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