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Her words paint pictures

ARTS Obispo program director



ARTS Obispo wants to thank Ashley Schwellenbach for her well-written, informative piece (“Where the vengeful, enlightened, and incarnated play,” May 15).

Like an artist, her words read like brush strokes, painting a clear, understandable picture of the complex sacred paintings—called thankas—created by Tibetan artist Karma Thupten. The depth and clarity of the piece could only be achieved though Schwellenbach’s commitment to spend much time at ARTS Space Obispo, viewing the pieces and interviewing Thupten and his family in the crowded gallery during Art After Dark. In a world increasingly filled with media sound bites, shrinking newsrooms, and shallow pieces, it was refreshing to see this young editor exhibit depth in her work (and take pride in it). Thupten overcame many obstacles to be among us in San Luis Obispo, sharing not only his art, but also his spirituality with a receptive audience hungry for enlightenment.

The article honors Thupten and perhaps he will share it with his family, friends, and students when he returns to Kathmandu, where he resides, at the end of the month.

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