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Here's how to hope for peace on Earth




A recent writer lamented being robbed of her liberty to celebrate Christmas by government, city, and private industries (“Let’s take back Christmas,” Dec. 22).

Apparently because the schools close for “winter break” instead of “Christmas vacation, she has been prevented from celebrating as she did in the good old days. Without a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn, she knew better than to attend Christmas Eve services at her church. Because others call it a “holiday tree,” the evergreen in her living room window has become a hideous reminder of those evil pagan rituals celebrating life and hope. Since she “can’t celebrate openly,” she is no longer able to adorn her front yard with lights, plastic reindeer, and inflatable Santa with speakers playing “Frosty the Snowman” to remind her of the babe in lowly manger.

But that’s changing. Being told “happy holidays” by a clerk who is unaware whether she is a Christian, Jew, or Muslim used to completely ruin her celebration of the only virgin birth ever (not counting the others). But now, with courage untold, she is taking Christmas back, by replying “Merry Christmas!” BOO-Ya!

The reality is, it’s not “minority over majority” as she states. It’s just goodwill, common courtesy, and respect for the diverse beliefs that exist in this wonderful world. If we would quit seeking government support and endorsement of our particular beliefs, and quit pushing our beliefs on others, there might be more hope for peace on Earth.

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