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Here's how to make it affordable

Avila Valley



A letter to the editor on Aug. 2 states: “A majority of Americans did not want Obamacare, yet his will and his new taxes were forced upon us” (“Change horses in mid-stream”). However, polls regarding Obamacare failed to distinguish between people opposed because they think it goes too far and those opposed because it didn’t go nearly far enough. Many of us want real reform, a single-payer Medicare-for-all-type of health-insurance system. Sustainable health-care costs necessitate a single-payer system with negotiated pricing of services and medicines.

While Obamacare is humane and morally consistent with our country’s traditions, it is overly expensive because it tinkers around the edges of the real cost problem: for-profit health insurance.

Expanded benefits and coverage for everyone would be affordable through savings from negotiated pricing and the greatly reduced administrative costs when these savings are added to what governments budget for Medicare and Medicaid, and substituting graduated taxes for premiums to private insurers. Our country need not continue to rank low in health outcomes, nor continue ranking highest in medical care spending.

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