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Here's my students' experience

San Luis Obispo



You are invited to hear a true story about Lois Capps and Kevin McCarthy, and I think it says something very important about Lois Capps. Please keep this in mind if you are in the new Congressional District 24.

Last year, I taught American government and economics to three classes at Arroyo Grande High School. My plan was to give students the best education possible, and part of that is to become good citizens, understanding issues and having a voice.

An assignment was to find out who their Representative was in Congress. It turns out that the 22nd and 23rd Congressional Districts ran right through my classes, and half my students had Kevin McCarthy (Republican) as their Representative and half had Lois Capps (Democrat).

The students studied the websites of these members of Congress, clicking on the Issues tab. Students did research of their own on the issue of their choice.

We studied how to write polite business letters, and each student typed a letter to his or her Representative in Congress, expressing views on one issue. Students wrote about immigration, education, consumer protection, LGBT rights, jobs, and other issues.

After awhile, we received a big packet from Washington, D.C.! It was from Lois Capps’s office. Inside were individual letters addressed to each and every student who wrote to Lois, talking about each one’s specific issue. Students were amazed to have a personal letter, with a Congressional seal, letterhead, and signature, from Congress. They felt important and listened to.

We waited and waited, but nothing at all came for the students who had written to Kevin McCarthy. Nothing at all for them.

Vote for Lois. She has shown for years that she cares about you and all of us. Don’t believe the lies in the expensive Republican ads. Thank you for taking time to read a true story.

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