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Here's why we are voting 'yes' on the water district



My husband and I have attended meetings and reviewed information on both sides of the issue. What convinced us to vote "yes" was when we listened to the committed and intelligent resident candidates who addressed our concerns about having a water district board for the Paso Robles Water Basin. Some of these volunteer candidates have lived here for generations, and all of these volunteer candidates want to preserve this resource for their children and grandchildren ... and for all of us.

We are now confident that keeping control of our water basin management rather than letting the state-mandated new policy fall to the SLO County supervisors or the state is what is best.

We also know that voting "no" doesn't mean that life will go on as before. But it will tell the county and the state that we don't want the responsibility. It's obvious we are not the county's top priority and the state will tax all of us far more than what our local board will.

All the candidates were emphatic that they are against exporting water. It was made absolutely clear that exporting water to anywhere else is prohibited, and they all said they will make sure this doesn't happen.

We are impressed that such fine people are willing to step forward to represent us. This is why we are voting yes on Measures A and B, and we hope you all will too.

-- Heather Carter - Paso Robles

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