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Heroes or victims


I was tuned into a weekly technology podcast about everything new from Zoom-bombing to what technology Walmart's buying, and the conversation turned to face masks and how we were grateful that there are people out there still stocking shelves and running the checkouts. These people are real heroes. One of the participants, someone who obviously could have worn a graying ponytail, objected quite emphatically and with a scowl on his face, declared that they were not heroes. They were victims.

I don't know how you'd react, but I was stunned. He went on to say these poor people have no choice but to risk their lives every day. They have to go into work or starve. The government has made slaves of them to satisfy our needs. He went on to a screed of political hate only matched by—well, you know the people I'm talking about.

I don't see the gal at the checkout who has had to quarantine herself from her grandchildren as a victim. True, some need to work due to their financial situation, but everyone still on the job that I have encountered has been very cordial, and they don't seem to resent being there. I would venture that they feel they are going the extra mile to keep the many customers that come in supplied with the necessities to keep their lives going during the restrictions.

They always greet me with a "How are you?"

I reply, "I'm doing great and I hope the same is with you," and I add "I'm glad you're here and I'm thankful the truckers are still on the job."

But you know there are Debbie Downers that always look at things with a sour puss. They declare that everyone is a victim, and if you elect us we'll lift the yoke of oppression from your back. You'll need for nothing because Big Brother government has got your back.

I hope the lessons of these past months aren't forgotten soon.

Jan Lipski

Vandenberg Village

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