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Hill, the credit-taker



In his ads falsely slamming his opponent, Adam Hill would have us believe that he and he alone protected the 900-acre Pismo Preserve and that Dan Carpenter opposed it. Despite Hill’s delusions, there were scores of community leaders, donors, organizations, and agencies who were instrumental in making the Pismo Preserve happen. The real credit goes to the community, not Hill. 

And did Carpenter oppose the preserve? No! When the question of funding the acquisition of the preserve came before the SLO City Council, Carpenter wholeheartedly supported staff’s recommendation to contribute $10,000 to the cause. With staff’s concern about spending city taxpayers’ dollars outside its jurisdiction, $10,000 was as much as staff was willing to recommend.

However, when Councilmember John Ashbaugh chose to up the ante by eight times that amount, our City Council opted to spend $80,000 of our money to acquire property miles outside of San Luis Obispo, while Carpenter wisely sided with the staff’s recommendation. In short, Carpenter supported the Pismo Preserve in a fiscally responsible way, representing the constituents he was elected to serve.

Adam, please stop it. Correcting your distortions is getting very tiring.

-- T. Keith Gurnee - San Luis Obispo

-- T. Keith Gurnee - San Luis Obispo

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