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Home economics involve more than cooking

San Luis Obispo



This is from the Energy Savvy website: The average home in the U.S. wastes about 30 percent more energy than an efficient one. The amount of energy wasted per year by 75,000 of those homes equals the energy content of the BP gulf oil spill. The current cost to clean up the gulf oil spill is $40 billion. The cost to retrofit 75,000 homes for energy efficiency is $1 billion.

San Luis Obispo County has about 90,000 homes, so by improving just the efficiency of the homes in our county we could offset the BP gulf catastrophe. Additionally, for years into the future, those homes would continue to reap the benefits of lower energy bills, greater comfort, and improved air quality for the occupants. 

I know the local economy, especially the construction companies, could use a shot in the arm. What would be a better way for us to help the economy while at the same time improving our homes’ efficiency and helping end our addiction to oil?

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