Home invasion spooks neighborhood



San Luis Obispo Police officers are searching for three men who reportedly forced themselves into a home on Fredericks Street at approximately 10 p.m. on Nov. 26. The suspects pushed their way into the residence and held the four occupants of the home at gunpoint, according to police.

"They said, 'We are going to kill you. Get on the fucking ground,'" said a resident of the home, who asked to remain anonymous.

The victim said that the suspects, sporting ski masks and pointing a rifle at one of his friends, ordered him to open his safe. The invaders reportedly made off with $8,000 an Xbox360 and a variety of games each victim's wallet, keys, and cell phone and a resident's medical marijuana. No one in the home was injured.

"This was not a random thing," said San Luis Obispo Police Capt. Dan Blanke. "We have info on the suspects we are following up on."

The victim said that his house was also plundered a couple of weeks ago.

"They came back while I was home to get into the safe," the home-invasion victim insisted of the Nov. 26 robbery. "This neighborhood is completely unsafe."

Neighbors agreed.

"We have been planning to move for awhile, but this is the clincher," said one neighbor, who added that her home was burglarized while the family was away for the weekend a month ago. "Lately, there's been a rough crowd in this neighborhood."


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