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Homes hide addiction, too

Santa Margarita



Your issue, Aug. 30, on the homeless made be feel very sad! You did an excellent job trying t to cover all sides, “A night in their shoes,” “What Morro Bay is doing to their encampment,” “Dear City of SLO.” Then there was the letter to the editor by Leela Sherbon who is now afraid of going to the city of San Luis Obispo because she is afraid some homeless person might steal her child! Although that could be a very rare case, I feel sorry for her also. Maybe if she started working with the groups that are trying to help the homeless she would feel differently.

Yes, some homeless have addictions, Meth being probably the worst to overcome but Meth users are no more dangerous than some people that live in fine houses and cover up their alcoholism and drug use!

For that matter, our culture is now very sad, parents killing their children, children killing their parents, children killing other children, and people killing strangers! I am glad to see so many churches and groups try to help the homeless. Leela should speak to them. Homeless people are just like everyone else, good and bad ones. But PLEASE, don’t brand them, try to understand their situations, help them and love them, We all need that.

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

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