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Honey Co. Coffee Roasters' Classic Espresso and Firestone Walker Brewing Co.'s Luponic Distortion


Unleash the confetti! Scout Coffee’s second location is up and running on Foothill Boulevard and (shockingly) it might be even cuter than the first locale. Oh, and spacious, too! With lots of airy areas to sprawl out or cozy up with your laptop and a hot cup of Joe, you literally have zero excuse not to be on top of your email/classes/online dating/well-intentioned daily blog this fall. While you’re there, pick up a bag of the roaster’s perfectly balanced Honey Co. Classic Espresso, which tastes of dark chocolate and apricot. As much as I enjoyed it at home, I have to say: It’s probably best when sipped at a sunny tabletop surrounded by human distractions.

Honey Co. Coffee Roasters’ Classic Espresso—About $15 for 10 ounces; 880 E. Foothill Blvd., SLO.

What does it mean to be a “local hero?” Is it that super awesome bar band that always cranks out new, original songs that never fail to draw the crowds? That cozy restaurant that’s always changing its specials and always seems to have a booth with your name on it? Maybe it’s the brewery that keeps on keeping on, delivering new and interesting brews hand over fist? Firestone Walker Brewing Co. again proves that this is “what we drink around here” with Luponic Distortion, a hop-centric ever-evolving IPA (remixed every 90 days) that proves that you don’t have to live in “the big city” to know that you’re sipping on the best craft beer around. Period.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.’s Luponic Distortion—About $9 for a six-pack of cans; 1400 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles. 

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