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How about we really tax the rich?

San Luis Obispo



Loved the right-wingers last week.

One quotes Hayek in his attempt to characterize Obama’s tepid attempts to create a few jobs using basic Econ 101 policies as “action for action’s sake,” and a move toward a “new type of party, organized on military lines” (“Deadlocks have a purpose,” Dec. 8). Wow. One minute Obama’s a socialist; the next he’s Hitler, to hear these people tell it.

Guess it’s easy to call government hiring for necessary work “action for action’s sake” when it’s not you who’s out of a job.

Another talks down to a young student facing an uncertain future in what used to be our land of opportunity, saying he has no legitimate beef since he still has it “better than 90 percent of the people on this planet” (“When your generation writes the history books … ,” Dec. 8) .

How about if we really tax the rich to repair the damage they’ve done with their deregulation, crony capitalism, and preemptive wars, and if they complain, we’ll say, “Hey, you still have it better than 90 percent of the people on this planet”?

-- Dave Raleigh - San Luis Obispo

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