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How could you print something like that, New Times?



I opened the June 25 New Times to Street Talk and read the words of Joshua Compton. Why would you possibly print his hateful words in what is normally a fun and light-hearted column? New Times readers don’t need see that there is one more ignorant person living in our community. The r-word is an EXTREMELY offensive word. If someone from Street Talk used hateful language regarding race or sexuality, I doubt you would have printed it. The word is so offensive that the state government mandated that it is no longer allowed to be used in any state documents, and that’s even when the word is used correctly. The developmental disabilities community is a large minority group that most people misunderstand. I hope you rethink what you have printed, and I hope that we will be able to educate the public about people with developmental disabilities in our community. Please check out this link to learn more on this subject: www.r-word.org

-- Bradlee Kirkman - San Luis Obispo

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