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How to train a terrorist

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With the full admission of departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, and the seeming unwillingness of those agencies to make a fulsome attempt to reunite the thousands of children taken forcefully from their parents when they came to this country seeking asylum, one has to wonder what the future of these children's lives would look like.

When we hear from psychologists and community activists on the subject of youth disenfranchisement, it brings to mind some speculation on what the lives of these children will be like in 10 or 20 years.

Here is just one possible scenario. After being torn apart from their families and sent to camps where they are put in cages with Mylar blankets and improper health and emotional care, would it be any surprise that a number of these kids would form a deep and abiding hatred for this country and be prime targets for recruitment by gangs and terrorist organizations? Is our government creating a culture of resentment and animosity strong enough to increase the possibility of future acts of violence by the kids in response to the cruel treatment they received at the hands of the so-called patriots whose establishment of the zero-tolerance policy led to this potential nightmare? Is MS-13 ready to recruit these lost souls? This is another legacy that will survive the era of Trump and throw our country into future chaos.

Larry Schiffer

Paso Robles


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