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Human misery's part of the GOP platform



Once again I find myself responding to Al Fonzi, this time to his March 16 column entitled, “Truth as casualty in public policy.”

I won’t address the substance of his position supporting the Phillips 66 expansion as I don’t consider myself qualified to comment on such things as the safety (or lack of) of the now barred expansion.

But one statement he made requires comment: Mr. Fonzi disparages the humanity of the project’s opponents, stating “the disparity in pay and benefits, of course, is not any concern of those dedicated to preserving and saving the earth, regardless of the cost or human misery produced.” It’s surprising that Mr. Fonzi, a proud member of the Republican Party, is disturbed by this. Lack of concern for disparity in pay and benefits, or the human misery produced by it is a plank firmly bolted to the platform of the GOP.

-- Richard Neidhardt - Los Osos

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