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I applaud you, youth

Arroyo Grande



I am so proud of our college students and all those who went out to their campus and streets to celebrate the end of a tyrant and killer, bin Laden.

When I stood on the rubble of Ground Zero, with a very heavy heart, I knew America would not forget or give up on making accountable those who caused such devastation.

I am grateful to our service men and women, all of them, who protect us and handle these special operations, and all of their support staffs that make their efficiency possible. Thank you!

This wasn’t just for America and our losses. This was for the world and everyone who has suffered at al Qaeda’s cowardly stupidity.

To America’s youth, way to go! You didn’t just tweet about this, you went to the streets and you celebrated, you showed your unity and love for America. I am deeply moved by your enthusiasm, patriotism, and spontaneity. You are our future.

-- Helen Saulsbury - Arroyo Grande

-- Helen Saulsbury - Arroyo Grande

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