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I fear that people are dumb as rocks

San Luis Obispo



I was struck by a thought as I considered Ken Goodman’s response (“Who’s the bigot?” June 30) to Patrick Mallon’s letter (“What difference does Frank’s sexuality make?” June 23): Is the light just getting dimmer in our world? Has global warming depleted O2 levels in the atmosphere (allegedly) to the point where the populace is sloughing off IQ points at an alarming and ever-faster rate?

This Goodman fellow contends Patrick is “bigoted” against Otis Page. But, as a simple consultation with a dictionary shows, one cannot be bigoted against an individual. Bigotry impugns entire groups of people based on a shared characteristic. Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, gays … heck, even rednecks, stay-at-home moms, and dirty-effing-hippies sometimes suffer bigotry.

If, in fact, Patrick Mallon is bigoted against Otis Page, it’s only because he is bigoted against the closed-minded, the self-righteous, and the sanctimonious in general. I’m reminded of a recent letter to the cross-town Tribune in which one writer accused another of being “racist” for criticizing Sarah Palin. Uh, what? I’d like to give these people credit for playing some counter-intuitive, higher-level game of rhetorical one-up-manship, but the truth, I fear, is that many of them are just flat dumb as rocks.

In the interest of full disclosure (lest Ken and Otis come to think we are married), Patrick Mallon is my brother.

-- Jim Mallon - San Luis Obispo

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