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I hate that Compton hates Oceano

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Thanks for the shout-out from The Shredder last week ("Facts and facts," Dec. 16), regarding when I spoke before the Board of Supervisors in November about redistricting and Oceano being abandoned, yet again.

For the record, I don't "hate" Supervisor Lynn Compton. I don't have enough emotional investment in her personally to drum up hate. What I do feel though is extreme disappointment in Supervisor Compton's continual disregard for Oceano's citizens. We have a dire lack of infrastructure throughout most of Oceano, and that is because our supervisor does not fight for us. Currently she is actively fighting against community members trying to make a positive difference.

Compton's big humble-brag was that she chased out the homeless RVs. Unfortunately, she left behind the actual homeless, now without any mobility or shelter from the elements. The people who are impressed by such callous measures are her voting base, and there just aren't that many in Oceano, which is why she gleefully carved us out of her district. We all knew months and months in advance and we all knew the decision was a foregone conclusion from day one.

So, no, I don't "hate" Supervisor Compton. What I hate is that she hates Oceano. Oceano deserves better.

April Dury



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