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I hope I can clear some air for the Catholic Church

San Luis Obispo



I am a Roman Catholic who is getting a bit tired of the mudslinging and misinformation being thrown at the Church and the Pope. It’s quite obvious that people who are in a state of negation against the Church are so willing to grab at anything to disparage it without knowing the details. I refer to Mr. Bill Denneen’s letter (“The Pope should resign or make license plates”) in your April 8 issue.

In answering to him, the Pope is only considered infallible when he declares an important issue to be true or not when speaking Ex-Cathedra. This is very rarely done and would be done after much consideration and publication. The Pope otherwise is considered fallible as a human.

It should be understood that Christianity and what is called Catholicism was greatly organized by Constantine who made the mistake of making the religion also the government, mainly controlled by the monarchies and Popes. Men became religious for power and wealth and not always for the love of God. Jesus warned that the devil would enter the Church but the gates of hell would not prevail against it. The Spanish Inquisition is a prime example.

The Church today is being attacked about pedophile priests—I am not surprised. I had an elementary parochial school education and was informed that during our lives we might encounter bad priests or nuns, but we were to use our judgment in dealing with them. Many of the current victims told their parents what was going on, but the parents did nothing. I had some bad experiences, but not of a sexual nature.

As for Mr. Denneen’s grandfather being excommunicated, he gives no details. Mixed marriages are not advised, but also not condemned. Very few people are openly excommunicated in a public manner. People excommunicated themselves when they knew what they are doing was wrong, and today most bishops haven’t the time to deal with it, as was once decreed, and have relegated the matters to local priests.

I do hope this will clear some air. Thank you.

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