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I hope the council knows about all this stuff

Morro Bay



After reading your article on the Homeless Project (“One story at a time: The Homeless Project,” July 28), I’m not sure if I should be encouraged to see change or simply skeptical. Is anyone aware what has and is going on in SLO County to support low-income people and prevent them from slipping into the homeless whirlpool? Are the nonprofits and individuals acknowledged that are working with the clean and sober homeless to support them?

I believe your efforts are unique and a fine idea to get the profiles out to the general public. Yet I am concerned about this Homeless Services Oversight Council. Do you think they know about the Community Opportunities Conference the DSS put on this year for low-income people at Cuesta College in conjunction with Bridging Poverty? Are they familiar with the FoodBank Coalition of SLO and their 200 food distribution sites, the Salvation Army, Grass Roots II, Lisa Ray’s Donation Group providing clothes to the county’s needy, the multitude of churches providing food, gasoline vouchers, and clothes exchanges? Do they know about the mobile food stamp coordinator who can approve clients on her laptop? There are so many places that deserve funding to continue their fine work. Please tell the HSOC to research their baseline of support first and consider funding the work that is already
in place.

I am currently associated with a young single mother with a 5-year-old who are homeless and navigating through the system for the Section 8 award. She has been keeping a journal on her experiences while she is homeless. She knows where to get food, plastic utensils, condiments, the cheapest motel where she can rest and have a cup of coffee and not be hassled, how to blend into the shelter routine, as well as who will help and who gives them the royal run-around in the system. This young lady’s input could be useful to the HSOC.

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