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I love the mural; lighten up, Atascadero

Paso Robles



An article in your previous issue told a story about an art gallery in Atascadero, which painted a mural on the side of its building, thus making the city council mad (“Vibrant mural irks Atascadero,” June 28). I drove to Atascadero to look at the mural, and I loved it.

I find it more than ironic that the city authorities claim that the mural clashes with the “character of downtown,” while the gallery in question sits right off El Camino Real. It seems to me that the Downtown (and the rest of the area) has a long history of Hispanic traditional cultural influences to celebrate. Incidentally, the current issue of Westways features several new murals in the Mission District in San Francisco, praising the city for its ability to attract tourists and for thinking outside of the box.

Lighten up, Atascadero!

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