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I moved here, but do I stay?


There is the climate—political and economic—and then there is the weather. I moved to SLO County for all three back in 2004. In the 15 years since, I've lost the political and the economic climate I moved here for. The county has turned blue in a progressive way and is thus ruining the economic climate by setting in motion the closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant, shrinking the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, and now saying goodbye to natural gas. As for the weather, I am still able to grow citrus year around, which was my primary desire. Because of the climate, cannabis is now invading everywhere, which makes the weather a negative to those who do not want to smell it or hear the high decibel hum of fans blowing nonstop. Decision makers no longer represent the people but a pre-determined agenda that props up and funds compliant candidates, thus not representing citizens but special interests like cannabis. We need to change that and elect two new fantastic, real candidates in March 2020: Stacy Korsgaden for 3rd District supervisor and Andy Caldwell for Congress. They will bring common sense back into governance so I can remain here.

Laura Mourdant

San Luis Obispo

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