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Idealism to a fault isn't good for us


Now that they control California, Democrats are divided. This is astounding since they face rivals who, marching in lockstep with fierce loyalty and harsh discipline, have saddled our country with a barely credible, hugely conflicted president and administration. As a progressive I've backed Obama, Sanders, Clinton, Lois Capps, and Salud Carbajal, whom some now seek to repudiate. Don't let the "perfect" become the enemy of the good.

Those who place total faith in lofty elusive goals such as single-payer health care and non-corporate campaign funding risk losing the last tentative hold our nation still has on sanity. Idealists must be sure they aren't falling into traps set by Russian election hackers and our own would-be oligarchs, who use spoilers, provocateurs, and any alluring idea or candidate to divide and conquer the decent common citizens. Don't be poleznyje duraki, Useful Idiots.

Leonard Carpenter

Arroyo Grande

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